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    ◆ BELGRADE, Ap◆ril 30 -- At a ceremony held here on Thursday, Serbia awarded m◆ilitary memorial medals to the six-member Chinese medical exper◆t team for tD

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    heir contribution to Serbia's fight against the COV◆ID-19 pandemic. The Serbian army's most prestigious military aw◆ards were handed out to the doctors by Serbia's Defense Ministe◆r Aleksandar Vulin at the "Dom Garde" militaD

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ry facility in the ◆presence of military officials and Chinese Ambassador to Serbia◆ Chen Bo. Thanking the experts for their 2

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guidance, advice and s◆uggestions, Vulin recalled that the presence of the Chinese doc◆tors helped the authorities in Serbia overcome fear even in the◆ darkest moments of the pandemic. "When other great powers were◆ fighting oS

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ver every package of masks and gloves and shattered ◆an9

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y sense of humanity and forgot about old alliances and sO

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olida◆rity, when they were grabbing each other's ventilf

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ators and medi◆cine, closed borders towards their closer

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    d refuse◆d to help anyone -- the People's Republic of China rushed to he◆lp its friend, Serbia," Vulin said. Hardships reveal the true n◆ature of all peoples, countries and politicians who lead them, ◆he said. "Serbia and Chin8

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    solidarity." Vuli◆n said that the "steel friendship" between China and Serbia has◆ been tested once again in the fierce battle against the corona◆virus, and it became even stronger. Peng Zhiqiang, head of the ◆Chinese expert Z

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    warded the "Memorial military ◆medal for outstanding contribution to Serbia's defense system."◆ He said that the medals confirmed their hard work, and were al◆so a symbol of that "steel friendship." He said that "by spotti◆ng 4

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